April 23,2018


Establish Commvault as the industry’s leading data expert on social media by building upon its existing data protection story and heritage


Take a digital-first approach to all messaging, outreach and assets to address the shrinking traditional media pool

Position Commvault on social as the industry’s data experts which has data protection at its heart


Implemented a social media ambassador program to leverage Commvault employer advocacy, increase social amplification, and establish consistency of messaging

Delivered a highly-adaptable digital-first story stream allowing a story to be delivered in bite-sized chunks, or combined for longer-form social media platforms with maximum flexibility, visit official website.

Orchestrated end-to-end social media campaigns woven into important industry milestones and built around a story for others to follow


More than doubled Facebook engagement by achieving a 128% increase during a two-week social media campaign

Delivered a 289% increase in Twitter traffic which increased the visibility of Commvault’s solutions and customer stories

Up to 5x greater content adaptability by enabling social assets to be reused and localized across multiple geographies as opposed to a single market

Jessica Brown

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