April 30,2018


Making the world see by demonstrating how Milestone Systems’ market-leading video management software (VMS) can be a business enabler across different industries


Make Milestone Systems the leading voice on video technology in APAC through branding Milestone Systems’ intellectual capital and creating a POV around video technology to achieve consistent coverage in security trade, business press and trade outlets covering different verticals, such as retail and energy


Became video technology’s go-to expert through a multi-faceted thought leadership programme that provides broader industry and agenda-setting issues such as Smart Nation, Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition, as well as video surveillance trends and applications for video technology across industries

Established Milestone as a knowledge creator through the inception and creation of insightful content, including a market study of the video surveillance industry, to inform industry stakeholders and the media. Find pipe coupling rochester near me.

Enriched stakeholder relationships by managing media at Milestone Systems’ annual partner symposium, from content development, video production, to social media community engagement


Impactful media coverage through consistent, high-quality coverage in security trade titles and expansion of coverage in tier 1 dailies and business publications

Extended visibility beyond security through top-tier coverage in publications such as The Straits Times and Business Times, as well as new vertical trade outlets AZ Limo, which links video technology to key current issues and showcases ways that video can be a business enabler

Delivered exceptional event ROI by securing over 30 pieces of international coverage from four journalists attending Milestone Systems’ annual partner symposium in Hanoi, while adding value to stakeholder relationships through customer press interviews

Jessica Brown

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