Michael KOEK

Michael KOEK

Head of Creative Services

  • How did you get here?

    “Should we do a puppet show during our presentation pitch next week?” It’s no secret that gimmicks are part and parcel of this industry and many are guilty of perpetuating this. But is there another way? I’m glad to say there is. When I met Allan and joined Ying in 2012, I realized that marketing can be real, can be business-driven and – thankfully – gimmick-less. This is why after five years, I’m still here and loving what I do.

  • Professional Experience

    I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive solutions. I’m passionate about making sure that interfaces and graphics we come up with are human-friendly, emotive, aesthetically pleasing, clear, on-brand and usable — with a touch of mellow smoothness. From workflow diagrams to detailed user interface mockups, I love shaping and crafting on-screen/offline experiences. Prior to Ying, I worked for Pepper Global on Symantec Norton, Royal Caribbean and HP Technology@Work. Offline, I try to avoid the screen as much as possible. I enjoy walking my dogs and learning to play bass.

  • Quote

    “Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

    I believe that expressing creativity means taking something that is deeply personal to you and sharing it with others at the risk of being judged.

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