Vice President, PR & Asia Health Practice Lead

  • How did you get here?

    I got here with an “imperfect” background – science student, commerce graduate, and master’s in information systems. It was in 2003 that I finally realized what I wanted to do in life – PR. This was in the pre-LinkedIn period when the headhunters were gods and flatly refused to consider me for a PR agency role. So I flirted with advertising for a year and got my break in PR in 2004.

  • Professional Experience

    I have spent the last 14 years working with a variety of brands in very distinct industries, helping them communicate better with their audiences. At Ying Communications, I support clients in the enterprise technology, aviation and travel industries, managing regional mandates covering Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and India, and the Southeast Asian countries. Prior to Ying, I led a team at MSL India, dedicated to core corporate communications & healthcare, managing key accounts such as Western Union, Abbott Labs, LifeCell International, and the Piramal Group.

  • Quote

    “However great your dedication, you never win anything on your own.” – Rafael Nadal

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